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Fresh Australian Fish

Fresh Australian Seafood

We understand the importance of sustainable fishing and support both managed wild catch and aquaculture. This ethical approach ensures continued supply of fresh quality seafood.

Fresh New Zealand Fish

Fresh New Zealand Seafood

A variety of fresh New Zealand cold water seafood is flown directly to the Gold Coast only a few minutes from our processing premises at Robina.

Fresh and Frozen Seafood Australia

Frozen Australian Seafood

Frozen ocean catch and aquaculture seafood from around Australia ensure availability and consistent quality.

Imported Frozen Seafood

Imported Frozen Seafood

Our overseas suppliers are Quality Assured and HACCP Certified. Our SEASTAR branded products are packed to our own specifications assuring customers receive the best quality at the best price.

Imported Crumbed Product

Imported Crumbed Product

For convenience and economy our value added range includes a variety of crumbed and tempura battered products.

Dry and Chilled Products

Chilled Products

Our great range includes a variety of both Australian and imported gourmet products

Our range of fresh & frozen seafood

Our full product range can be downloaded here: Pacific Trading Stock List PDF